NEWs KPoGre 3 released. It requires libpqxx 3.x. KPoGre 2.x works with libpqxx 2.6.9


KPoGre is administration tool for PostgreSQLexternal link database system that runs on KDE 3.5external link. It uses libpqxxexternal link library. Main features:

  • Browsing through PostgreSQL system catalog
  • Wizards for create, modify and drop database objects
  • Wizards for database administration tasks (backup, restore, vacuum, analyze)
  • Wizards for changing access privileges
  • SQL Query/result windows, for editing and executing SQL statements and viewing result
  • Datatable windows for edit database tables content
  • Executor windows for run database functions
  • PL/pgSQL functions debugger


Note: remove string .nospam from e-mail adress.

Project status

I decided to terminate this project.

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