Tutorial 11 - Debug PL/pgSQL functions

This tutorial show, how to debug PL/pgSQL database function using KPoGre.


KPoGre PL/pgSQL function debugger fronted depends from functionality on the database server side.

Note: On Windowsexternal link You have two possibilites: One click installer - but I can't get debugger to work with this (version 8.3.5). Rather, use pgInstaller msi package, where is option to install debugging functionality.


Open function Debugger

Select function you wish to debug in tree, make right mouse click to display menu and choose Debug function Debug function.

Running debugger

KPoGre shows Debugger. Also toolbar is displayed.

Function debugger

Function parameters

If function have any arguments, fill values to table. Convertion rules are the same as in Datatable.


Start debugging

Choose Start in debugger Debugger -> Start in debugger menu item. If debugging starts successfully, KPoGre place execution mark to first line of code. Also, menu and toolbar actions for debugging are enabled. Look at Debugger tab, where are some informations from debugger process.

Start debugging

It is possible to cancel debugging using Stop Debugger -> Stop menu item or pressing toolbar button.

Ataching another functions

When debugger is started, its possible to attach another functions to it. It is necessary for Stepping into called function.

Attaching function


When debugger is started, its possible to set or drop breakpoints. Place cursor to line, where you want to toggle breakpoint, and use Stop Debugger -> Toggle Breakpoint

Toggle Breakpoint

If breakpoint is sucessfully set/dropped, mark is placed/removed to left ribbon.


You may use obvious actions for function tracing:

Watching and changing Variables

While tracing, you may see variable values. Variables, that are changed from previous pause are highlighted by mark.


It is possible to change varible value, while debugging. Select row with variable and make mouse right click over variables table to show context menu.

Watching output

While tracing, you may see notices, sent from debugged function.



On Stack tab, you may see informations about function calling hierarchy.


Looking at result

When function is finished, result (if any), it is displayed in result area.

When table result is larger than 500 rows, only 500 rows fetched initially to table. User may fetch another bunch of rows using Fetch next Debugger -> Fetch next and Fetch all Debugger -> Fetch all.


If you make mouse right-click over result table, menu containing some clipboard and search actions is displayed.

Content of result table may be saved to CSV file using File -> Export result.

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