Tutorial 4 - Create view using wizard

Step 0 - Start Wizard

This tutorial show, how to create new view using wizard in KPoGre. Wizard is not able to handle all possible requirements, but it is suitable for most of common situations. I am expect, that you are basicaly familiar with CREATE VIEWexternal link statement.

In left tree view, select Database Database or Schema Schema and choose menu command Database -> Wizard Wizard. Select View view icon from displayied dialog.

Or select Views folder and make right button click on it to display object menu.

Starting wizard

KPoGre displays wizard for create new view. This wizard have 5 steps.

Step 1 - View name

If you start this wizard when Database is selected, choose schema for new view. When you run wizard from Schema or Tables folder, actual schema is used.

Type name for new view. Add tables that will be used for output columns and joins. Using one or two letters Alias for each table is good practice.

Step 1 - View name and tables

Step 2 - Define columns

For each table you may add column to view output. If you want to rename column, use AS field.

Step 2 - Define columns

After defining all columns press Next button.

Step 3 - Define joins

If you have more than one table in view, you probably need define joins. Choose Join type. Select tables for joins and also select columns. Selecting more than one column is allowed. Joined columns must have compatible datatypes and selected columns count must match.

Primary key

Press Add button in Joins group box. Join definition is included to list. You may repeat this for all needed joins in view.

Primary key

After adding first join, left table is locked and you may change only right table.

Join may be removed from list, using Delete button. After defining all joins press Next button.

Step 4 - Define conditions

In this step you may define conditions to reduce number of output rows. Thi step is optional. Select Table and its Column for condition. Also select Condition type and enter Value.

Press Add button in Conditions group box. Condition is included to list. You may repeat this for all needed conditions in view.

Condition may be removed from list, using Delete button. After defining all conditions press Next button.

Step 5 - Review SQL statement

In this step, SQL statement for create view is displayied for your check. You may modify it, if you understand, what do you do.

Review SQL statement

When you press Next button command will be send to server.

Step 6 - Check operation result

Finally, check operation result. If you get any error, you may go Back and try make changes and retry step 5.

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