Tutorial 10 - Execute functions

This tutorial show, how to execute database function using KPoGre.

Open function Executor

Select function you wish to execute in tree, make right mouse click to display menu and choose Execute function Execute function.

Running executor

KPoGre shows Executor with function arguments and result area. Also toolbar is displayed.

Function executor

Function arguments

Enter arguments values to table. Convertion rules are the same as in Datatable.

Execute function

Choose Execute Executor -> Execute menu item or press toolbar button.

It is possible to terminate running function using Stop Executor -> Stop menu item or pressing toolbar button.


XAct - transaction type

User can choose type of transaction for executing function:

Explaining and analyzing

There are checkboxes to prepend keywords EXPLAIN [ANALYZE] [VERBOSE] before SQL statement thar execute function. See PostgreSQL documentationexternal link for more informations about explaining and analyzing SQL.

Execution time

Also you may see information about last query execution time. Note, that this time is measured on client side, and it differ from time measured by EXPLAIN ANALYZE.

Looking at result

When query result is returned from server, it is displayied in result area. It may be text or table, depending from function.

When table result is larger than 500 rows, only 500 rows fetched initially to table. User may fetch another bunch of rows using Fetch next Executor -> Fetch next and Fetch all Executor -> Fetch all.

Clipboard actions

If you make mouse right-click over result table, menu containing some clipboard and search actions is displayed.

Content of result table may be saved to CSV file using File -> Export result.

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